What Happens If You Work Out Your Arms Every Day?

Do you want to have bigger arm muscles starting right now? Many people have trouble building arm muscles at first, but some techniques help you gain more muscle faster than ever before! Today, we’ll look at what happens if you work out your arms daily and the best way to maximize your gains. First, make sure to like, subscribe, and hit that bell. Done? Awesome, let’s learn about some amazing arm exercises! Watch till the end, where you will see how stronger arms will turbo-charge your performance in sports!

How To Build Bigger Arm Muscles

1.Calculate Training Volume

Training volume is the amount of weight you’ve lifted during a session to the gym, and understanding it can help you build bigger arm muscles with each workout. 
To calculate training volume take the number of reps you do in an exercise, then multiply it by the number of sets. Once you have that, multiply that number by the weight you used. For example, if you do 8 reps of bicep curls in 5 sets, then you multiply them together to get 40. After that, multiply that value by the weight of the dumbbell. If the dumbbell is 20 pounds, then your training volume comes out to 800 pounds.

2. Increase Weight

Do you want to know the best way to grow bigger arms muscles? The best way to grow bigger arm muscles is to increase weight. By increasing weight every time you perform an exercise, you help the muscles to grow bigger and faster. 

The way you increase training volume can also change the way your muscles grow. If you increase reps then you can train endurance, and if you increase sets then you can improve general muscle strength. If your only goal is to get massive arm muscles, then reducing reps and maximizing weight is the way to go. By changing your workout while keeping the same training volume, you can get the muscles you want quickly and efficiently.

What Happens If You Work Out Arms Every

  1. Bigger Arm Muscles

Do you want bigger arm muscles? Working out your arms every day will grow biceps and triceps much faster than you would expect. By keeping track of training volume, you can enjoy rapid muscle gains and bigger muscles too! This is because training volume is the single biggest predictor of muscle growth, and can help you if your muscle progress appears to be stalling.

  1. Stronger Arms

Training your arms each day means your arm muscles won’t just be bigger, they will be stronger too! Putting strain on your arm muscles makes your whole body stronger, and helps your muscles work more efficiently. This means that while your muscles are growing, they are also learning how to get the most power out of the same amount of arm. If you want to improve this efficiency quickly, then increase weight to continue putting strain on your arms.

  1. Stronger Grip

Having stronger arms will also mean stronger forearms, and together they provide more support to your hands. This means you’ll have a stronger grip than ever before. This is one more great benefit of training arms every day!

  1. Burn More Calories

Working out may not burn as much as cardio, but doing them every day will still burn a substantial amount of calories. According to the Strength and Conditioning Research Journal, people who lift weights burn anywhere from 70 to nearly 290 calories each session! That means regular arm workouts are still a great way to burn calories, while also building stronger muscles!

  1. Stress Relief

Lifting weights might put strain on your body, but at the same time it takes strain away from you overall! When your body is sedentary, you can become more tense and stressed. Exercise improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles, which allows you to reduce that tension for a stress-free day. Make sure to stretch after every workout to help the body recover faster.

  1. Better At Sports

Training arms every day helps athletes immensely, and it will help you too! Many sports involve your arms. Think of basketball, water polo, tennis, volleyball, golf and more. Having bigger and stronger muscles there will improve your performance overall. Stronger arms translates into more force, stability, but also into improved accuracy and fine motor skills too!

Are you ready to start growing your biceps and triceps in a more efficient way? Make sure to and subscribe to my youtube channel @healthperfectionist for more muscle-building videos. Also hit the bell icon so you can learn more about great health and fitness with me!

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