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Weight Loss Journey Story Milton Mare

Milton Mare
Health Perfectionist

Hello to all our friends, visitors and followers.

I am Milton Maris, I am 49 years old online entrepreneur.

As an athlete, I participate in running,

mountain bike races, Crossfit training and at the same time, I am a husband and father.

I was born in Greece but, I live in Brooklyn NY for over a decade now.

I am very conscious regarding health issues such as healthy nutrition, weight loss, Diabetes, joint issues, aging problems, balanced way of thinking and more.

Who Is Health Perfectionist

In order to cover my needs for knowledge on these topics, I am working with trainers, dieticians, Physiotherapists philosophers, and athletes.

Over time our collaboration brought as close, and now we are working as a team. Our aim is to find the best combinations of nutrition exercise and way of thinking to achieve the best results for most people, especially for people over 40 with the least possible effort and no side effects.

Helping People over 40 to Deal with Weight Loss, Nutrition, Stress Management and more

Helping us and them (since we are all in the same age group) to deal with nutrition, weight, aging, stress management issues and maintain a healthy life despite the overloaded schedule, modern life demands.

I have passed through tough health issues during my life, most of them caused by the biggest disease of our age.

This is no other than the desk and couch lifestyle.

In other words, the lack of sufficient exercise in combination with wrong thinking and nutrition habits.

I became overweight since I was 25 years old working as a graphic designer.

Sitting behind my desk for over 10 hours or more every day,

eating fast food and thinking only how I can improve my business position and earn more.

Over the next years, some joint issues came up.

My right knee got in pain and over time, a simple task such as walking on the stairs became a nightmare.

Later on my early thirties, a low back pain became my all day companion.

In addition to the knee issue made my everyday tasks constant torture.

I have been visited, several orthopedic doctors.

Unfortunately, in each case, I ended taking a batch of chemical supplements with only temporary results while my overall health problems becoming more severe over time.

My energy levels were just above the bottom and I felt like 100 years old.

My overweight problem increased and I was reaching the fat zone since I was about 230 pounds while my height is 2 inches above six feet.

I couldn’t even perform on my business talks due to the lack of energy despite my false belief that I am focusing on my business by not taking the time to exercise or eat properly.

After I got married when I was 32, and a bit later after my son was born, my schedule was overloaded.

All the health issues I had become more severe, in addition, I have gotten some skin issues such as scabies and nail fungus.

At that point, I realized that I had reached the bottom.

I have been transformed into a fat, ugly and slow-moving old man while I didn’t celebrate yet my 35th birthday.

My Weight Loss Transformation Journey Starts Here

The fact that I have realized my tough situation brought out an epiphany.

I have had the clear image that what I was doing was not correct neither natural.

Immediately I started learning on how can I improve my diet and I implemented what I learned with no delay.

I also started physical activities, such as walking and started visiting my local gym.

Over time walking became running, then also swimming, later biking.

After some years I started CrossFit while I had already participated in a lot of mountain bike races, triathlon races, running and more.

Not to mention that my energy levels since that time, started to remaining at the top red levels all day and night.

This helping me achieve more in my business but at the same time to enjoy my family.

Now at the age of 43 I feel and perform better than ever and I am constantly improving the ways I am eating, thinking, training in a way that I have the belief that it’s possible to become better and better instead of declining over time.

Not all the methods I implemented worked equally.

In fact, some didn’t work at all and just cost me many lost hours lead me to injuries and left a bit of frustration, but my persistence on pursuing the most optimized ways to improve my life and physical condition lead me to find the best associates and the best ways to achieve my goals.

Most people are trapped in this vicious circle.

They are focusing on other aspects of their life, such as studies business marriage kid’s raising and more with the result to underestimate the value of a healthy way of life.

It’s a common misunderstanding, something like an urban myth, that keeping a balanced life with exercise and conscious nutrition selections is time-consuming and hard to get.

I am certain about this because that was also my point of view.

Well, after what I have passed through and seen I can tell with certainty that this is not true.

I and my team are here to prove it.

First of all by our personal knowledge efforts and experience.


We are here to test all the given methods and share with you the results.

We will share with you what we have implemented that worked for us, leaving outside all the hassle.

Clever, easy to implement diets, short yet effective workouts, tips to increase metabolism, how to fight stress, what to use, what to avoid and much more.

I know that in some cases the term perfectionist might be a synonym of negative over-preciosity but I am sure that in terms of health to be a perfectionist could not be something less than the best you can be.

Health Perfectionist
Enjoy the Health Benefits Of Life!

I will be glad to have you beside me, running together on this hyper-marathon called life.

See you in our valuable articles and courses


Milton Maris

The Health Perfectionist

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