This Is What Happens to Your Body After 100 Burpees Every Day.

Are you looking for a cheap and accessible way to lose weight, improve your physique, and gain muscle? Weightlifting can cost you lots of money for barbells or gym subscriptions, and sometimes you just want to start losing weight in the comfort of your own home. Luckily, Burpees are the miracle solution to your fitness needs. They require no accessories, you can do them anywhere, and a burpee is completely free! Today, we’ll look at the incredible health benefits of this simple exercise, and how doing 100 Burpees every day can revolutionize your body! 

Burpees are no easy exercise; in fact, they are one of the most intense workouts you can do without even going to the gym! For a beginner, it may seem like 100 burpees are way too many to get started. Even doing 10 in a row can leave you sweating like you’ve just run a mile! Luckily, you don’t need to start out doing 100 burpees a day. With just 10 each day, you can build up your body strength to larger and larger amounts. You can even stagger bits of 10 burpees throughout each day to add up to 100 burpees a day. All of this is a great way to get started, but what can you expect from 100 burpees every day?

Well, a fitness expert, a member of our team, decided to do 100 burpees every day for a month as a fitness experiment, and the results were shocking. First, within only a week he noticed that he didn’t get tired after doing each set of burpees, and his stamina was much greater. Not only did he have more endurance than before, but he felt higher energy and confidence from the rapid exercise motions. Second, he noticed significant improvements in muscle gain, weight loss, and posture within only a month! Best of all, he managed to get all of these health benefits without spending any extra money, and it only took around 15 minutes every day!

The secret to Burpees is that they are a HIIT or a High-Intensity Interval Training exercise. This means that while some other exercises involve slow and deliberate motion, like deadlifts, bench presses, or curls, a Burpee is fast and involves constant motion. Because you are moving so much faster, the exercise strengthens your endurance and muscles much faster than a normal workout routine. This means you could finish a 100 Burpee workout session in as few as 15 minutes!

Another reason Burpees are so effective is that they work out the entire body. While some other exercises involve the arms, legs, and abs, Burpee exercises all of them in one single movement! This means that you are exercising more muscles in your body with the same amount of time, which is even simpler and more efficient than standard exercises. Best of all, the Burpee is an easy exercise to learn, use, and mix with other exercise regimens for your workout routine. 

Burpees are a two part exercise: first a pushup, and then a jump. While this sounds simple, the Burpee works almost every muscle in your body at the same time! This is because Burpees are a Calisthenics exercise, which is a fancy way of saying an exercise that uses your body weight instead of a dumbbell. It’s also easy to do a lot of Burpees very quickly, which means burning more calories and training endurance faster. With just 20 minutes of burpees, a person weighing 160 pounds could burn nearly 250 calories! 

If you’re trying to lose weight, you understand how frustrating it is to find flexible and cheap exercises. Most exercises need big machines, expensive gym subscriptions, or paying for weights you can’t afford. With Burpees, you can burn thousands of calories in a single day, and you don’t need anything but your body and gravity! Not only are Burpees a free way to lose weight, but they also work lightning-fast. You’re feeling better already, aren’t you?

Here’s the simple process for doing a Burpee:

First, you get into a squat. This means your knees are bent, your back is straight, and your feet are shoulder-width apart. Next, you put your hands down on the floor inside your feet. Then, you move your feet back into a pushup position. After that, you complete a push-up. You then return your feet to the starting position in a kick. Once you do that you stand and extend your arms over your head. Next, jump into the air. Finally, after you land, return to the squat position and start all over.

Here are some extra tips on having great Burpees! Make sure to start slowly and warm up first, and stretch after you finish exercising. Also, work up to 8 or 10 reps slowly, and be careful not to push too far in the beginning. Also, be careful not to hurt your wrists when dropping to a pushup. Make sure to go as fast as you safely can, but while keeping proper form. 
The most important thing to remember when doing 100 Burpees a day is to have proper form. This means feet shoulder-width apart, hitting the ground strongly, landing on the balls of your feet, and not letting your back sag. Seek out help from a professional trainer if you aren’t sure you have the right form, and stop at once if you feel sharp pain or discomfort. Don’t worry about aches or muscle fatigue, that sensation is simply your body adapting to a new and revolutionary fitness routine. With 100 burpees every day, you will be well on your way to having a stronger body, better posture, more energy and confidence, and a healthier lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Go out and do some burpees!

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