7 Important Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Meals

Do you know a meticulous person

Benefits of Meal Planning
Meal Planning

who manages to plan their weekly meals?


Always organized and never short of time,

they manage to ensure that their menus

are balanced while not spending hours

in front of the fridge or making unplanned visits to the grocery store.



Meal planning is obviously an excellent habit to adopt.

Here are 7 good reasons to get organized before going to the grocery store.


1. Zen attitude

We have all opened an empty fridge one day, anxiously wondering what we were going to eat. When planning a weekly menu, we know every night what is waiting for us and as the shopping lists were made according to our menu, we have everything you need at home to cook. Zen attitude!


2. You save time

It takes a little time to plan meals for a week, but this planning will have positive repercussions in the coming days. All you have to do is go for a quick trip to the grocery store and return once a week for fresh food. All that remains is to cook the planned meal. You will save precious time to be able to relax in the evening.

3. You win nutritionally

By planning your menu, you can also better manage the balance of your meals by composing a nutritious plate where vegetables, starchy foods and animal or vegetable proteins will be side by side. When you cook at the last minute with the remains of the fridge, it is not always easy to make a perfectly balanced meal. No more nasty surprises and peanut butter toast dinners.

4. You try something new

When you plan your menu in advance, you can also have fun playing with seasonal products and trying new recipes by searching on the web or in our books what we could do with, for example, these superb squash that we never dared to cook. You will have the time to find a recipe to test and it is a great way to consume new products and seasonal products.

5. You diversify your diet

We often have the habit of always repeating the same recipes, especially when we are running out of time and coming home late from work. By planning your menu, you can try once a week to add a new recipe. In this way, we increase our own cookbook and add diversity to our diet.

6. You save money!

We can not say it enough, planning well also saves us money and to that, nobody remains indifferent. We can flip through the flyers and buy items that are special and create our menu based on good deals of the week. This is the best way to save money for a good bottle of wine to accompany a delicious meal!

7. Less waste

This is a subject of great relevance. We are all trying to pay attention to food waste because the numbers are alarming: we are throwing out a bewildering amount of food. By planning our menus, unpleasant surprises or forgotten foods in the fridge are a thing of the past. We can check on our list what we have left in the fridge, so as not to buy too much or so we can plan its menu based on our remains. And don’t forget the freezer if we see that food will not be used before they expire.

Remember, planning your menus must also remain a fun time. Why not involve the whole family and even organize themes where everyone can get their hands dirty! Good planning to all!

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