7 Awesome Tips to Lose Weight from Face and Neck

7 Awesome Tips to Lose Weight from Face and Neck

While many choose the easier route of using facial creams and minimally invasive surgeries,

others choose the difficult natural route to slim down their face and neck.

The neck and face areas rank top among the most difficult areas to lose weight.

It is already hard enough to trim down excess fat from other parts of the body.

I bet I can almost hear you asking:

“what do you expect me to do about these wobbly cheeks and neck rolls?”

Well, do not despair.

Thousands have tried various methods of eliminating their double chins and found exercises that can help contour the face.

Here, I will show you 7 awesome tips on how to lose weight from face and neck.

Lose Weight From Face And Neck

1. Exercise

There’s a wide array of fat burning exercises that are very effective in helping you lose facial weight. Some of these exercises are focused on the face alone while other exercises focus on their entire body. So what are some of these facial exercises?

Begin by filling your cheeks with air. This should look like you have a mouth full of stuffed food. Make sure you take in as much air as possible to puff out your cheeks.

Start moving the air from the left side of your cheek to the right side several times with your lips tightly shut.

While at it you can try smiling with your teeth clenched and the air still inside your mouth. Hold this position for a few seconds before you can release the air and start the exercise all over again.

Do this two times every day for two months. In addition, rolling your neck around and side to side slowly, several times does well to reduce the amount of fat around your neck area.

The best way to guarantee that this method works is by staying committed and being patient with yourself.

Using the same method, one person may lose facial fat much faster than you and that is fine. Stay on course, do your part and you will see results.

Another method you can use is by choosing exercises that help you lose weight in face and neck or different parts of your body. If a particular exercise helps you lose belly fat for example, then it is good enough to help you lose weight on your chin, neck or face.

Research indicates that facial exercises have worked for some but others have to couple it with some other natural method as detailed below to see significant results.

In the long run, you will achieve a face with defined features, a youthful appearance, and stronger muscles.

2. Hydrate with water

Some people subscribe to the misconstrued notion that water can lead to retention which can make you weigh heavier. Quite the contrary.

Making it a habit to drink water is the key to getting rid of the puffy appearance on the face and neck. This is because water actually counters fluid retention in the body.

Water is very important to the overall well-being of the human body. If you want to stay healthy, overweight or not, you must drink at least two liters of water per day.

Drinking water frequently throughout the day helps keep your skin soft and firm.

If your day is characterized by lots of activity, then you might need to take more than the recommended two liters to supply your body with enough water.

In addition, people who weigh more or are taller than average may need to increase the amount of water they take.

How do you know whether or not you are drinking enough water?

First, check the color of your urine.

Second, smell your urine.

If it is clear and doesn’t smell, then you are taking enough water. If it is pale yellow and has a pungent smell, then this is an indication that you should take more water.

Drinking water is crucial for your overall health and can be especially important if you’re looking to lose facial and neck fat.

Water works to help you reduce weight by filling your stomach. This makes you feel fuller for longer. The more water you take, the less likely you are to overeat.

In addition, water is a superb way of increasing your rate of metabolism.

The higher your metabolism the higher the rate at which your body is burning fat.

Ultimately, taking more water means that you will achieve the desired, toned facial and neck features in a very short time.

3. Cardio workout routines

You may already be a fitness enthusiast who loves yoga, weight lifting or simple stretching to keep fit.

If you want to eliminate excess fat particularly on your face and neck areas nevertheless, you should make cardio workout your close buddy.

Cardio workouts are excellent in encouraging fat loss from the head all the way down.

Cardio workouts otherwise known as aerobics are splendid exercise routines that are not too intense for your body, but yet reveal amazing results.

The increase in your heart rate during your cardio routine slowly burns excess fat.

After consistent walking, swimming, running, and cycling routines done over a particular period of time.

Aerobics for many is the best method to cut excess fat.

It is advisable to do a minimum of 150 minutes and a maximum of 300 minutes of exercise every week.

A more complex but effective method of reducing facial fat is by counting your calorie intake.

There are numerous online calculators that can help you count the number of calories you take per meal.

The goal is to reduce your calorie intake down to an acceptable amount in order to maintain or lose weight in face and neck.

The number of calories you are supposed to consume per day if you are a man is 1,800 and 1,200 if you are a woman.

Below this and you are likely to encounter issues with metabolism. If on the other hand, you surpass this number by say 600 calories, then you should aim to burn as many calories through targeted cardio workouts per day.

This will lead to you cut down as much as two pounds each week.

Remember to control the size of your food portions in order to keep your face and neck firm and your overall weight in check.

Sleep Helps You Lose Weight
Sleep Helps You Lose Weight

4. Sleep well

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced by the human body if you do not get enough sleep.

No wonder one feels so grumpy if they don’t sleep well enough.

Cortisol is to blame for increased appetite, diabetes, a slower rate of metabolism and muscle weakness among other conditions.

If you sleep less, therefore, you end up feeling hungry which makes you eat more.

This leads to increased weight owing to fat accumulation in areas around the body such as the neck and face.

Hence if you sleep for at least 6 hours to 8 hours each day, you produce very little cortisol. Less cortisol means normal appetite with less chance of overeating.

Who knew that the key in finally getting rid of losing weight from face and neck is by sleeping?

It is possible to burn calories while sleeping.

Studies show that for every hour you are asleep, you can burn up to 63 calories.

This number of burnt calories can change depending on your weight.

If you, therefore, want to reduce facial fat and neck fat, then sleep more.

5. Reduce your intake of alcohol

Did you know, that taking one glass of beer is equal to taking one large slice of pizza?

Alcohol contains a good amount of starch and sugar.

This means that the more alcohol you take, the more calories you consume.

If you are looking to cut facial and neck fat, then you should hence limit how much alcohol you drink.

A glass of wine after dinner is permitted.

In fact, wine is known to help keep diseases associated with excess weight gain at bay.

Going overboard, however, will cause bloating and increase in weight around the face along with other parts of the body.

When you think of it, alcohol offers you less nutritional value but instead has a lot of calories.

If you are a man, nutritionists and health experts recommend that you take at most two glasses of alcohol each day.

If you are a woman take one glass only per day.

Remember to give yourself breaks every few weeks to allow your cells to repair themselves before you can resume taking alcohol again.

As one grows older, the skin tends to appear saggy on the neck and face areas.

Aside from alcohol, poor habits such as smoking can make your face look puffy. It is hence advisable to apply sunscreen n your face when you are out in the sun.

Eliminate smoking and alcohol intake which tend to lead to an increase in weight.

When you quit such habits you will notice that the skin repairs itself with issues like double chin slowly disappearing by itself.

Lose Fat Face

6. Limit your intake of refined carbohydrates

Refined carbs get digested very fast.

Excess consumption of refined carbs can, therefore, lead to accumulation of fat and eventual weight gain.

Examples of refined carbohydrate sources include crackers, cookies, white bread, sweets, and pasta among others.

It is during processing that the good qualities of the aforementioned examples of refined carbs are removed. After processing, the only thing left is a lot of sugar, calories and barely enough nutrients.

Taking lots of refined carbs increases your weight and may put you at risk of having high blood sugar which is a risk to your overall health.

Good sources of unrefined carbohydrates include vegetables like spinach, and celery, nuts like peanuts and cashew nuts, whole grains like brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat, Legumes like kidney beans and lentils…the list is endless.

There are certain foods that you can eat that focus mainly on improving your face more compared to other parts of the body.

Such foods rejuvenate facial skin, burn fat leaving it smooth and healthy. Fresh food which you can buy at the fresh produce market contains very low levels of calories.

You can eat as much as you want without worrying that you have eaten too much. Many complain that fresh foods do not taste as great as refined foods.

By researching on different methods of cooking organic foods in a way that tickles your taste buds. You end up enjoying your food without developing cravings to reach for unhealthy processed foods.

If you want to have a slim face and a toned neck, you can start by choosing to eat more unrefined carbs and less refined carbs.

This way you will achieve your ideal weight and exclude yourself from people who are at risk of health-related issues that come with eating refined carbs.

7. Watch the amount of sodium you consume

The main source of sodium is salt. Many are guilty of using too much salt when cooking.

Others are fond of an even worse habit of sprinkling too much salt on to their food when eating.

Excess intake of salt will leave you bloated and in immense discomfort.

Salt makes your face look swollen and puffy if you take too much.

The simple explanation behind these effects of taking high amounts of salt is because salt encourages your body to retain water.

There are people whose system is unable to process salt as effectively as others. If you are one of these people and you want to have a firm neck and face, then you must reduce your intake of salt.

Note that there are many ways you can end up taking too much sodium without even knowing it. Research shows that of all the sodium most people consume, 77 percent is sourced from eating processed foods.

Examples of such foods include processed meat, flavored/salted crackers, and junk food.

If you are struggling on ways to get your face and neck looking trim, the overall solution is to reduce your intake of processed foods.

From the above tips, it is clear that losing weight naturally from the face and neck areas is possible.

And, it is not as hard as you thought it was huh?

Feel free to try many methods to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

By exercising and switching your diet, you can be well on your way to looking your best from the face, neck, all the way down to your toes.

Aside from looking ravishing, the other perk is that you get to enjoy the effects for much longer. Losing weight naturally gives you lasting results for much longer through the years.

In addition, you are able to live a stress-free life because you are well aware that your healthier food choices and fitness practices keep serious diseases and health issues away.

In other words, finding “How to lose weight in face and neck” – Although it’s not possible to lose weight only in your face, losing weight, in general, may help to slim your face. Leave a comment if you tried it!

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