I Ate These 11 Things Every Day to Build Muscle Fast

Many people struggle with putting on weight, and spend weeks without any results. If you want to bulk up lightning fast, there are three factors involved in muscle building you need to consider. 1. Heavy-load weight lifting, 2. Calorie surplus with your meals during the day. 3. Curated food selections.  There’s a simple trick to gaining muscle mass fast, and it involves a couple foods you have in your fridge right now! Today we’ll look at 11 foods that will help you build muscle mass in a flash! First, make sure to like, subscribe, and ring that bell! Done? Awesome, let’s learn about these 11 incredible foods together! Make sure to stick around for No11, because it does amazing things for your heart!

Bulking isn’t always easy, especially when you’re brand new to it. It can be confusing keeping track of all the proteins and nutrients, and a small mistake can make it harder to gain muscle mass. Luckily, we know 11 foods that will help you bulk easily, affordably, and quickly.

1. Bananas

Do you know why bananas are considered a superfood? Unlike most other foods, they contain nearly every vitamin and essential amino acid your body needs to function, along with 30 grams of carbs for each banana you eat! Bananas go great with shakes and meals of any kind, and they provide a powerful blend of carbs and protein for growing muscles!

2. Eggs

Eggs are an important part of any breakfast, but you might be surprised at just how good they are for muscle growth. With 5 or 6 grams of fat and protein each, you’re getting an incredible return with each egg you eat. Eggs are cheap and can be found in any grocery store, and they’re also easy to prepare! Make sure to eat the whole egg though, because the yolk contains many mono and polyunsaturated fats, proteins, essential amino acids, and vitamins that your body needs to function at peak performance.

3. Whole Grain Bread

Are you low on carbs? You might not even know if you are, but there’s a simple solution! Whole grain bread provides complex carbs for higher energy, and also comes with fiber for a healthier body too. You can mix bread with almost anything, which is why it serves as a great source of carbs no matter the occasion. By the way, why don’t you subscribe for more great articles while you’re here?

4. Ground Beef

When it comes to bodybuilding, you can never go wrong with some good old meat. Steak is a little on the pricey side though, so is there a cheaper alternative? Luckily there is, and with ground beef you can have the protein and fat that comes with meat products without breaking the bank. Ground beef contains 6 or 7 grams with each ounce, and you can find it for as little as $2 a pound depending on the store. Make sure to drain the grease using a colander after browning it first, and use towels to soak up any excess grease!

5. Peanut Butter

Did you know that peanut butter is the single most efficient source of protein you can find in your fridge? Unless you fill your fridge with workout supplements, peanut butter is hard to beat. Each serving contains 6 grams of protein and 16 grams of fats, which is almost as much as an ounce of meat. That level of protein can be achieved with only two tablespoons of peanut butter though, and you can simply add it to whatever food you’re eating!


You might be surprised to learn this, but nuts are an excellent bulking food. The reason is that they contain fats, carbs, proteins, vitamins, fiber, and they are packed with many calories. Nuts are easy to snack on as well. This means you can eat many more of them on every occasion during the day. Also, you can put them in salads and breakfast cereals to add more calories and protein!

7. Oats

Oats are an incredible source of carbs , especially since a single cup has almost 50 grams. Along with that, your oatmeal provides 6 grams of fiber for muscle building. Oats are extremely easy to prepare, and can be made with the most basic kitchen equipment and water. You can even eat them on the go!

8. Whole Milk

Are you drinking water after your workouts? If you are, then it’s time to switch to milk to upgrade your muscle gain overnight! Milk contains 8 or 9 grams of protein and fat with every cup you drink, and it can hydrate you while giving your muscles more fuel at the same time. There’s a reason milk is a staple in bodybuilding communities, and you can absolutely benefit from this powerful food.

9. Olive Oil

Don’t worry, you don’t need to eat olive oil on its own. However, mixing olive oil with other foods and even protein shakes can have a powerful effect on your muscle growth. You can add calories easily by putting some olive oil on meats, eggs, or even rice. You might even like the taste better!

10. Potatoes

Potatoes are one of the most common foods worldwide, and you might not realize just how good it is for muscle growth. The secret reason is that potatoes can be added to nearly anything and are one of the most filling foods you can eat. Each potato gram is filled with high amounts of carbs, and you can gain many calories from eating them. They can be served boiled, as potato salad, mashed potatoes, and of course fried. If you’re looking for an alternative taste, you can try sweet potatoes!

11. Beans

Do you want a heart-healthy muscle building food? Beans are the best bet you’ll find, because they come with no cholesterol! Beans have vital nutrients such as folate, iron, zinc, protein, and potassium. Best of all, beans contain high amounts of fiber that’s extra good for heart health. 

Bulking is a long and difficult journey, but these foods make it much easier. Now that you’ve learned about them, you’ll have bigger muscles and faster muscle growth for the rest of your life!

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What are your favorite muscle building foods? Let us know in the comments below!

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