How Many Calories Should A Person Take For Weight loss

Calories are an essential source of energy. Taking too much of it, however, can make you gain weight. You need to maintain a proper balance of how much calories you are taking in your diet. If you want to lose weight, the calorie intake needs to be lower than the amount of calorie your body burns. On the other hand, you should increase your calorie intake than the calorie your body burns in case you want to gain weight. However, if you only concentrate on your calorie count instead of considering what kind of food you are eating, you will end up starving yourself and will give up sooner or later.

On average, a man should intake 2,000 calories in order to lose one pound of weight each week. For a woman to lose one pound of weight in the same amount of time, the calorie intake should be 1,500.

Ways to reduce calorie intake for losing weight:

There are many ways to reduce calories for weight loss that includes drinking smoothies. For checking out best smoothie recipes for weight loss, visit our related blog. Now, let us check some other ways to reduce calorie intake below.

Eat more protein: Eating protein is the best way to reduce your calorie intake and to lose weight. Protein boosts your metabolic rate and also reduces your appetite. It also helps you in burning 80-100 calories each day as you need the energy to metabolize protein. Furthermore, it is the most filling nutrient, which makes you eat less.

Avoid sugary fruit juices and soft drinks: You calorie intake will be much lower if you avoid fruit juices and soft drinks. These drinks contain added sugar, which is a high source of calories. This, in turn, makes you fat. Therefore, you should avoid these drinks for losing weight. You can always eat fruits, which have a lower amount of sugar and are rich with other nutrients as well.

Drink more water: Drinking plenty of water has numerous health benefits that include weight loss. If you drink about eight glasses of water each day, which is the equivalent of two liters of water, you can burn up to 96 more calories than what your body burns in a typical day. The timing of drinking water is also crucial. Drinking water just before you sit down to eat reduces hunger. Therefore, less amount of calorie goes into your body, helping you to lose weight.

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