How 10 Dips Every Day Can Drastically Improve Your Body

Do you want to have amazing upper chest muscles, all without paying for expensive equipment? The dip is a simple workout that you could learn in 5 minutes or less, but it has the power to turbo-charge your muscle growth! Today we’ll look at how dips will transform your body, and the secret to dips that explode your muscles! Read until the end to see how dips can help you build a stronger and bigger chest and arms. Let’s learn about the power of dips together!  Stick around till the end, and we’ll share the four secret benefits of doing dips every day!

Dips are an exercise that involves using your arms, but don’t let that fool you. The dip is primarily a chest workout, and it also affects your triceps, abs, and shoulder muscles. The great thing about dips is that they are very simple to learn, and don’t require any complicated equipment. Every gym comes with a dip bar, but if you don’t have one you can use boxes or chairs instead. Performing a dip is easy, and we’ll share the 3 step process right now so you can start building bigger chest muscles.

  • Stand in front of a dip bar, or place two objects in front of you on your left and right. Make sure the objects are at least shoulder height, and that they can support your weight.
  • Tighten your abs and push your body up using your arms to press down on the bar/objects. Lean forward while you do this step, and bend your knees a little.
  • Slowly lower yourself towards the ground, and focus on the muscle contraction in the chest. Lower your body until your triceps are parallel with the ground, then gradually push yourself back into the starting spot. Make sure not to lock your elbows out while you do this.

That’s all it takes, and once you’ve learned that you can do a dip workout for the rest of your life! What will happen to your body if you do dips everyday though? The answer might surprise you, but first make sure to like and subscribe for more muscle-building tricks! 

Better Bench Press

If you’re stuck at the same bench press weight, you might want to try dips to upgrade to a higher weight class. Dips will allow you to increase your bench press because they work out your chest muscles very well. If you want to grow your bench press even more, you can also try weighted dips to put more strain on your pectoral muscles. 

Bigger Pecs & Triceps

Are you excited to have a bigger chest? While dips appear to use the arms a lot, the angle of a dip means your chest muscles are actually doing most of the heavy lifting. This means that dips are one of the most effective workouts to build incredible chest muscles, and they don’t even need any fancy equipment! Isn’t that awesome?

Pump Yourself Up

Nothing is more energizing than a good workout, but do you want to end your workout even more pumped up than usual? The trick is to add some dips to your routine because they actually have a powerful effect on your whole body. Dips are calisthenic exercises, and this means that they involve rapid movement that requires most of your body. Each dip will get your blood moving in all of your muscles, and you will end a workout much more energized as a result.

Strengthen Muscle Fibers

Do you want to lose fat and build muscle all across your body? Dips can help you to do that! Because dips involve so many muscles in the body, they are what’s called a compound exercise. This means that each dip involves many more muscles than some other exercises, and involves many different directions of movement as well. Dips exercise chest muscles and arm muscles, while also strengthening fast and slow twitch muscles alike! 
Many people overlook dips in their exercise routine, but they are the ultimate secret to building a bigger chest and stronger arms. Now you can reap the amazing benefit from dips, and see just how powerful they really are!

Are you glad you learned about the amazing effects of dips? Make sure to like, share, and click on the link below to watch the video on this topic in our channel, also subscribe while you’re watching. keep following me to learn more about great health and fitness!

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