Herbal Weight Loss to Spice Up Your Life

There are a vast array of herbs and spices from around the world, grown in many countries under many climatic conditions.

From the humble black pepper to the more exotic saffron, turmeric and cardamom, they all share two unique features. They give amazing flavor and aroma to any food.

Herbs and spices are two medicinal and food resources that nature intended as natural and healthy weight loss treatments in the fight against fat. Unfortunately, they are often relegated in the kitchen to a spice rack as an attractive display but rarely used.

However, if correctly blended, natural herbal weight loss herbs and spices enhance the taste of food making low-calorie dishes more delicious, and easier to commit to, on a natural weight loss diet.

Health Benefits of Herbal Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Herbal Weight Loss

Most dried herbs, like herbal weight loss tea, have a range of 4 to 7 calories per teaspoon making them ideal for low-calorie programs. A large number of them have good nutritional value and some are a rich source of antioxidants that are known to help prevent the growth of cancer cells and protect delicate arteries from oxidizing.

Herbs are also a great substitute for high sodium table salt. The flavor lost through low salt cooking will be masked by the herbs and spices.

Aside from their nutritional value, herbs have been used over the ages for their medicinal value as natural weight loss remedies. Allopathic medicine requires clinical tests for their drugs under controlled conditions. Herbs have been subjected to continuous historical tests under trial and error conditions. We must, therefore, acknowledge their immense value in healing the body especially when applied by a qualified herbalist.

Introduce Kitchen Herbs into Your Natural Weight Loss Diet

Introduce Kitchen Herbs into Your Natural Weight Loss Diet

Natural weight loss requires eating food that is nutritional for your body and for you to maintain it. The greatest hurdle for those of us attempting to convert to fresher food is our life-long addiction to processed foods and carbohydrates that smell and taste so good. With herbs and spices to enhance the fresher tasting food and the knowledge that your taste buds do adapt quite quickly to new foods, you will be surprised how much less a struggle it becomes to resist your old cravings. It took me about 2 weeks before I found it very easy to resist fast food aromas.

Fresh is Best

fresh herbs

Dried herbs are good but fresh is still best. If you find it hard to find fresh herbs, look for farmers’ markets in your local area. Other sources are some supermarkets, through the internet or you can grow them on your windowsills or in the garden. Buy what you need and wrap them in damp paper towels before placing them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or in a plastic container. They should last for several days.

Dried herbs

If you have trouble obtaining fresh natural herbs for your herbal weight loss diet, dry and store them in airtight containers away from the heat and light. Dried herbs will keep for a year.

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