10 Best Breakfast Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Smoothies are just perfect for breakfast. 1

Not too light, not too heavy and just the perfect taste to awaken those taste buds.

Exercising and dieting can be quite difficult to perform on a daily basis in your quest to lose weight.

But did you know that smoothies can also help you shed off weight?

Best Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

Many struggles to find that one habit they can adopt and stick by without feeling like you are being forced. Why not try some of the best breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss in this article and see how it goes?

The good thing about smoothies is that you can choose your own ingredients and come up with your own breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss which taste amazing and work great.

Even more, you can take as many smoothies as you like without worrying that you’ve passed your limit. This is because smoothies have fewer calories but contain high levels of nutrients.

When you have best smoothie recipes for breakfast your stomach will feel full for the better part of the day.

This will mean that you eat less and drop a little bit of weight each day. Time to say good riddance to all that extra weight you’ve been yearning to lose for months without much success?

If you’re wondering how you can start a smoothie regimen or how to make them, read on to find out this and much more that will blow your mind.

But first, here are 10 best smoothie recipes for weight loss:

1. Avocado and berries smoothie

The ingredients include:

• 1 cup of Water

• Half fresh avocado

• 1 tsp Chia seeds

• Half a cup of frozen or fresh blueberries

• 1 tsp Honey, banana or maple syrup

• Half tsp Coconut oil

2. Green tea with avocado and mango smoothie

• Green tea, 1 cup

• Frozen or fresh mango pieces, 1 cup

• Half of an avocado

• Coconut oil, half a tablespoon

• A pinch of sea salt

• Spinach, 1 cup

• Honey or maple syrup

3. Ginger, avocado and greens smoothie

• Quarter cup ginger

• Half a cup of raspberries

• 1 cup spinach

• 1 cup kale

• Half a slice of avocado

• 1 cup of water

• 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

4. Sweet spinach and avocado smoothie

• One spinach leaf

• Half a slice of avocado

• 1 cup of grapes

• 1 tsp coconut oil

• 1 cup of water

• Nuts (ground)

5. Greek yogurt and blueberry smoothie

• Three-quarter cup of Greek yogurt

• Half a cup of frozen or fresh blueberries

• Half a cup of water

• 1 tsp Chia seeds

• 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

• Quarter tablespoon cinnamon

6.Oats, berry and ginger smoothie

• 1 cup of rolled oats

• 1 cup of Raspberries, blueberries or strawberries

• Ginger (a small amount or as much as you please)

• Half a cup of Greek yogurt

• 1 cup of water

• Half a tablespoon of curcumin powder

7.Banana berry smoothie

• 1 cup of fresh or frozen mixed berries

• Half a cup of frozen or fresh banana

• 1 cup of spinach

• 1 cup of water

• 1 tsp gelatin

• Quarter tablespoon cayenne or chili pepper

• 1 tsp coconut oil

8. The green smoothie

• 1 leaf spinach

• 1 leaf of kale

• Half medium-sized cucumber

• Half of a banana

• Half a lemon

• Half a pear

• 1 cup water

9. Mint and blueberry smoothie

• 1 cup of mint leaves

• 1 cup of water

• 1 leaf spinach

• 1 cup of blueberries

• 1 tsp Coconut oil

• Cocoa powder

• 1 tsp honey or maple syrup

10. Broccoli and yogurt smoothie

• 1 cup Greek yogurt

• 1 cup almonds

• Half a cup of chia seeds or chia gel

• 1 cup broccoli

• 1 cup of water

• The quarter cup of cinnamon

• Half a cup lemon

• 1 tsp honey

All the above smoothie recipes contain ingredients that supply your body with safe amounts of fats, calories, calcium, proteins, sugars, iron, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins.

To process the above ingredients, pick a best smoothie recipes and collect all the ingredients as required.

Put all the ingredients inside the blender and press blend on high speed.

Blend for half a minute or more until you achieve the desired consistency.

You can put your own personal touch by adding or reducing the varieties of ingredients to suit your taste.

You can also increase the recommended amounts of ingredients to make a few liters which will last you a couple of days.

Also, remember to store the remaining smoothie in an airtight container before putting it in the refrigerator to keep it from going bad.

Benefits of taking a healthy breakfast

They weren’t wrong when they said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After sleeping for six hours or so, it is wake up time.

You get ready, grab a snack hurriedly and scamper off to work without so much as a bite. Many are guilty of making the mistake of skipping breakfast.

However here are a few facts about how important smoothie recipes for breakfast and why you should probably rethink your choices.

The benefits of a healthy breakfast include:

• It improves cognitive function and increases focus levels throughout the day. A good breakfast contains the right amounts of glucose, which helps fuel the brain. In turn, your memory improves and your focus levels increase.

• It supplies the body with enough energy to handle different physical tasks. Eating a healthy breakfast provides your body with enough calories which are processed into energy. Children can play for as long as they want without getting tired. Alternatively, men and women can easily walk, run or carry heavy loads without experiencing too much fatigue.

• It is the key to achieving lasting health and long life. Healthy breakfast keeps serious life-threatening conditions at bay. Conditions such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Are smoothies effective for weight loss?

 When you master the art of choosing the best ingredients, then yes! Smoothies are certainly effective for weight loss.

The reason why the emphasis is on the right ingredients it’s because many are fond of making the mistake of adding inorganic sweeteners.

These sweeteners counter your weight loss efforts because they are full of calories.

A smoothie is a glass full of antioxidants, important nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and just the right amount of calories.

You have the power to adjust the ingredients to include ones that can boost metabolism to leave your stomach full for hours yet energized throughout the day.

What are the best smoothie ingredients for shedding weight?

 All the ingredients in a smoothie are healthy and great for maintaining the right body weight.

However, if you are looking to dump a few pounds, some ingredients will work better than others.

Here is a run-down of ingredients that you can include in your smoothie to help with weight loss.

Chili peppers Chili peppers contain certain compounds that help reduce appetite. Cayenne pepper, for instance, contains capsaicin which if added as an ingredient to your smoothie will help limit your food intake throughout the day.

Lemon Adding lemon juice to your smoothie will not only give your smoothie an amazingly distinct taste but also serves other purposes.

Lemon helps to boost metabolism to burn more calories in the body. In addition, lemon contains no calories which means you take something that has no calories yet helps burn excess calories in your body.

 Cocoa powder is a one-stop solution for almost all the problems people struggle with whether overweight or not. Cocoa powder makes your smoothie taste heavenly.

But aside from that, there are numerous health benefits you gift your body by consuming cocoa.

Such benefits include:

• Natural detoxification to remove unwanted harmful substances from the body

• Antioxidants which lowers chances of acquiring infections and protects against heart disease and cancer

• Fiber-rich for reduced appetite and regulation of blood sugar Curcumin.

If you are wondering what curcumin is, don’t worry, you are not on your own.

Many people wonder if there’s a difference between curcumin and turmeric.

Well, curcumin is a substance that is extracted from turmeric. Curcumin is the ingredient that carries all those amazing benefits you know about turmeric.

Curcumin contains numerous properties which include:

• Anti-inflammatory

• Improve brain functions

• Antioxidant

• Protects against heart disease and brain disease

• Helps alleviate symptoms of arthritis

• Delays the aging process Avocado

 Avocados are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. In addition, avocados supply the body with healthy fats.

These facts serve to give you energy. Adding avocados to your smoothie makes it thick and colorful.

Avocados work well when mixed with almost any other ingredient and taste delicious as well.

 Berries are natural sweeteners that you can add to your smoothie to give it that sweet yet distinct taste.

They add texture to your smoothies and break the monotony of having green colored smoothies only.

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are rich in antioxidants and contain lots of fiber.

Greek yogurt as opposed to the flavored kind, it is advisable to pick the full fat, plain Greek yogurt.

It has higher protein levels and is thick enough to keep you feeling full for longer. Other types of flavored yogurt have added sweeteners.

Leafy greens

green smoothie weight loss

There are limitless leafy green varieties to include in your smoothies. A few of them includes lettuce, spinach, kale, and dandelion.

They contain fewer calories, lots of fiber, and phytonutrients which are essential for weight loss and a generally healthy body.


 Not all fats are bad for your health.

In fact, it is very important that you consume food that is rich in healthy fats.

 The problem comes in when one chooses to consume foods that contain high levels of unhealthy fats or calories.

Foods such as Avocados, coconut oil, and nuts are great sources of healthy fats that contain just the right amount of calories.

Not too much or too little.

There are many other healthy ingredients you can include in your smoothies that provide you with the same nutrients found in the ingredients above.

Such ingredients include:

Chia seeds, cinnamon, stevia, and fruit pulp among many others.

What ingredients should you avoid adding to your weight loss smoothies?

 Unfortunately not all smoothies and be considered healthy especially for that person who is trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

If you take smoothies as a measure to help you shed off all those extra pounds, there are some ingredients that you should exclude from your smoothies.

Such ingredients include:

• Too much sugar

 Also if you want to sweeten your smoothies, opt for organic sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, berries, and fruits. Be keen to include the right amount of organic sweeteners and keep yourself from adding too much.

• Prepackaged foods and vegetables

It is advisable to get your fruits and vegetables fresh from the fresh produce markets. Canned fruits, for instance, contain added preservatives to keep them fresh for longer.

 These preservatives contain harmful elements that may put your health at risk and are full of calories which can jeopardize the success of your weight loss journey.

• Fruit juice

 Buying fruit juice from the shops does nothing to help you lose weight.

 Why, you ask?

Well, fruit juice contains added sugars which means more calories.

 Even worse, ready-made fruit juice has had all the fiber sieved off.

It is better for example to make your homemade fruit juice, this way you are sure you are not taking calorie filled sweeteners.

You also get to benefit by consuming the fiber which is also important for a healthy gut.

Dairy products

 Milk, ice cream and yogurt are ingredients that people like to add to their smoothies.

However, these are ingredients that could leave you adding even more weight.

They contain increased amounts of calories which does very little to support your weight loss goals.

If you want to add dairy ingredients to your smoothies, stick to raw milk, and plain or Greek yogurt.

These two have lower calories and supply you with important proteins.

Protein powders and supplements

 Not to mention that most protein powders and supplements are bad, most of them really are.

Many of these powders and supplements have ingredients that may prove detrimental in your weight loss journey.

There are also, many superb sources of natural protein that are safe for someone who’s trying to lose weight.

Such sources include:

gelatin, seeds, butter, and nuts.

Smoothie diets are rapidly increasing in popularity among weight watchers.

Lastly, taking smoothies alone and eliminating other normal foods can be dangerous to your health.

You will lose all the weight you are looking to lose but you will leave your body vulnerable to diseases and infections.

Smoothies alone cannot supply your body with the required nutrients to stay healthy.

On the other hand, taking a healthy smoothie for breakfast, eating a healthy lunch and dinner is the right way to go.

Finally, you have different sources of nutrients, healthy fats among other important components that are sure to keep you healthy and more importantly your weight in check.

So what do you think about the best breakfast smoothie recipes for weight loss? Leave a comment if you tried it!

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