9 Impressive Health Benefits of Almonds

9 Impressive Health Benefits of Almonds


Among the foods that we often tend to avoid and that actually do us much more good than we think, we find the almonds.



Almonds were already used for their benefits in ancient Egypt. In Asia, Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, also makes use of it. However, in our region, its high-calorie content has scared a large part of the population.

Thus, although its use remains widespread in our creams and shampoos, we see little of it on our plates.

And yet, eating a handful of almonds a day is a very good health move! Some see it as an indispensable component of a healthy and balanced diet.

Obviously, it is important to choose them in their natural form, even toasted dry. We are not talking about salted almonds, grilled in oil or coated with a layer of sugar. Although they are delicious in this form as well, their benefits are greatly diminished.

But concretely, what can the consumption of almonds bring us?

1. They Are Good For The Heart

This may be the major benefit of almonds. Indeed, they can do a lot of things for heart and cardiovascular health.

First, almonds attack cholesterol, which is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease.

They help reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, including the phytosterols they contain.

These strongly resemble cholesterol, which allows them to take the place of the latter in the intestine, and thus, reduce its absorption by the body.

In addition, the vitamin E contained in almonds helps reduce the oxidation of bad cholesterol, which prevents it from forming plaques atherosclerosis.

But that’s not all: in addition to reducing bad cholesterol, almonds also promote the production of good cholesterol.

Likewise, they help to thin the blood, relax the lining of the blood vessels and prevent clots from forming in the blood. Almonds help reduce blood pressure.

Finally, they also reduce the risk of dealing with diabetes.

For all these reasons, consuming almonds reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders, such as stroke or heart attack.



All of this has been the subject of many scientific studies. In general, the latter recommend eating a handful of almonds 3 times a week to benefit from all these benefits.

2. They Help Prevent Cancer

One of the causes of cancer is free radicals, which attack healthy cells. And one of the biggest enemies of free radicals is antioxidants, which fight them and make them disappear. Almonds are rich in antioxidants.

They are also rich in vitamin E, which also has antioxidant properties and protects cell membranes against attack.

Thanks to all this, they help reduce the risk of cancer.

3. They Prevent Premature Aging

By tackling free radicals and protecting our body against their action, antioxidants and vitamin E also help prevent the premature aging of our cells and skin.

In addition, vitamin B, also present in the composition of the kernel, helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. What delay the appearance of wrinkles!

4. They Promote Bone Health

Rich in calcium, almonds are very good for bones.

They are especially recommended for children to facilitate the formation and growth of their bone structure.

But the kernel also contains other minerals with beneficial properties for the bones. Among them, phosphorus helps to reduce the onset and development of osteoporosis. This is also very good for the health of the teeth.

5. They Are Good For The Memory

Almonds boost cognitive abilities and help keep them healthy. Thus, they help fight against their age-related degradation and help reduce the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

For this, studies that have been conducted on the subject recommend eating a handful of almonds per day. If you prefer, you can combine almonds with other nuts, which have the same effect on cognitive health.

6. They Improve Digestion

Thanks to their high fiber content, almonds stimulate intestinal transit. They are, therefore, recommended if you face digestive disorders.

In this case, a dozen almonds will do the trick. Note that it is better to eat them whole because their film contains the type of fiber that is most beneficial for transit and digestion.

7. They Help Us To Lose Weight

There is often a tendency to put almonds aside when dieting. This is a mistake because almonds can be of great help when it comes to losing weight!

Wondering how such a high-calorie food can contribute to our weight loss? First of all, you should know that calories are not the only thing to consider when deciding whether to eat a certain food or not. Indeed, all foods have a complex composition that can not be reduced to a simple figure displaying the calorie content.

In the case of almonds, note first of all their high fiber content. Thanks to this, they quickly allow a feeling of satiety. If you have a craving between two meals, some almonds will allow you to satisfy the hunger pangs while waiting for the next meal. Better yet: you will eat less at the meal! For this, it is important to eat them whole because the chewing helps you to feel full faster.

With this appetite suppressant, you avoid eating too much when hunger is felt. So you push your body to use its reserves, and therefore to burn the fat it already has. And you do all this without having the painful impression of having to make superhuman efforts to resist the temptation of food!

But that’s not all: fiber also reduces the absorption of lipids, which are nothing but fat, in the body. In addition, almonds contain omega-3 and arginine, two components that facilitate the burning of fat.

However, it is not because almonds are good for the line that we can eat without counting! To enjoy the slimming virtues of almonds, it is necessary to limit oneself to a handful a day maximum. It is also important to prefer them whole and whole because it is in the skin that surrounds them that is the most fiber.

Eating Almonds Healthy Benefits
Eating Almonds Healthy Benefits

8. They Fight Against Diabetes

Although one might think otherwise, almonds have a low glycemic index. Consuming it, therefore, does not cause blood sugar spikes, and even helps to stabilize the blood glucose level for several hours after the meal. Better yet: they can help lower the glycemic index of a meal! This is due to their high fiber content, but also to their protein content, vitamins B and E and a large number of minerals.

In addition, thanks to their fatty acids, they reduce insulin resistance. All this helps to better fight against diabetes. Their consumption is therefore recommended for people with diabetes, as long as it is not excessive.

9. They Are Good For Morale

Almonds contain magnesium, phosphorus, and copper. The first is a very effective anti-stress that helps fight anxiety and depression and helps relieve hyper-emotivity. The second, with magnesium, helps fight fatigue, especially mental fatigue. As for the latter, it simply promotes good humor. A real cocktail of well-being and happiness in such a small food!


This was the 9 Health Benefits of Almonds. Are you likely to avoid or nibble almonds on a daily basis?

Let us know in the comments below!

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