Love handles are not as lovely as the name may imply. They are stubborn fats stored close to the center mass of the body. This fat usually sits above the hip area, making it the last possible body part to expend energy. Generally, burning fat or maintaining a very active lifestyle may do little or no good when dealing with Love handles or even stomach fat. This is because the love handles are tucked away from the usual moving parts of your body, such as your legs, shoulders, or hands.

The following are the fastest and easiest ways to have a lean body core:

7. Clean Diet: 

Burning fat from the love handles requires discipline and clean dieting. What does it mean to have a clean diet? You may be thinking to yourself. Having a clean diet means cutting out simple sugars such as those found in soda, cookies, cakes, candies, chips, and many other processed foods. The calories consumed in these processed foods are the easiest to consume recklessly. It is easy not to realize how much sugar you’re taking into your system. For instance, studies have shown that a bottle of 35cl Coca-Cola contains about 20 cubes of sugar which is more sugar than the body can process immediately. Other sugary beverages contain even more sugar than this. These sugary products do not even suffice as satisfactory foods. Instead, they become more addictive as they spur the body on to consume more and more sugar yet be insatiable.

It’s proven much more effective to turn to plant-based sugars instead of processed sugar. The sugars in fruits cover a spectrum of nutrients your body needs in the energy-expanding process. Nutrients such as fiber and vitamins are contained in plant-based foods, fruits, and vegetables. Fibers are effective in curbing the speed of sugar digestion and creating fullness. Before we continue, make sure you hit that like button, share, subscribe to our youtube channel @healthperfectionist, and hit the notification bell for more!

6. Low-Calorie Density:

The term refers to the amount of energy per food consumed, which means that to burn overall body fat, one has to focus on consuming fewer calories than what is used daily. This fat-burning method is easier on paper than in reality. This is due to the window of starvation opened in this process. You don’t have to starve or impose hunger on yourself to burn fat because leaving room for hunger will only make you compromise all your hard work by binge eating or even comfort eating. Here is what you may want to do. Instead of starving, you should eat single-ingredient food with low-calorie density, such as vegetables, beans, lentils, and lean meat. Also, do not shy away from carbohydrates grown from the ground, such as rice and potatoes.

Maintaining a calorie-deficit diet will make you leaner and burn out love handles in the long run. 

5. Muscle Up:  

Streamline your workout towards building your muscles rather than burning fat. Thinking about it may sound counterintuitive, but prioritizing muscle building is more likely to burn love handles and other stubborn fats. Therefore, to get the most out of your workout sessions, you must be as intentional about building muscle mass as you are about cardio. 

Having more muscle mass will enable your body to burn more calories without too much effort. Don’t get me wrong, building muscle isn’t one of the easiest things to do, but it is guaranteed one of the fastest ways to get rid of love handles and other stubborn fats.

4. Walk, Walk, Walk: 

Walking sounds like one of the easiest, most ineffective ways of losing fat, but the opposite is the case. Studies have shown that the average American adult sits an average of six and a half hours daily, which, compared with the results from walking an hour daily, is preferable to walking. The results from walking an hour daily are under-emphasized. Walking requires less energy and does not leave you with strained muscles or hunger. Instead, walking for thirty minutes to an hour daily is likely to clear your head, and keep you focused while also burning fat from your love handle area

3. Matador Dieting: 

This dieting plan is a ground-breaking fat loss method in which you alternate eating at a calorie deficit with eating at calorie maintenance within two weeks. By alternating calories, you can minimize metabolic adaptations, such as a slowing metabolism. As a result, you can stick to this diet longer, have a more balanced lifestyle, and, most importantly, lose fat not just from love handles but from all over your body.

This dieting method encourages diet breaks in which you can have a controlled level of calories. These diet breaks will build your metabolism and make it easier to stay in an overall calorie deficit state over time. 

2. Avoid Specific Isolation Exercises: 

Despite the popular opinion of hitting the gym for Isolation exercises targeted at losing weight in particular parts of the body, several types of research have shown that it is not worth the energy and time doing workouts specific to fat loss in areas like love handles because it is doubtful to get rid of belly fat by doing exercises targeted at reducing belly fat. From personal experience, it is better to shift your focus to compound exercises, cutting out unhealthy carbs and fats from your diet rather than emphasizing the calories you’re burning by doing exercises specific to the belly fat burn.

1. Consistency: 

It takes a lot more time to burn off love handles and belly-related fat due to hormonal, genetic, and biological factors, hence the need for patience and consistency. Our bodies can heal, recoup as well as store necessary fat. The body knows the benefits of fats stored in distal and proximal areas and when to use up the fats stored. Therefore, consistency is a key factor in losing love handles fast and efficiently. I know many people hammer on consistency in every aspect of life. Truth is the power of consistency cannot be over-emphasized. You need to be consistent with dieting plans, exercise, and healthy habits formed in trying to lose fat in the love handle areas. You must stay consistent in leading a healthy lifestyle for a specific length of time, as this will help in fat loss and maintenance.

Although there are no specific tricks to magically reduce your love handles, following the steps listed here consistently will enable you to lose love handle fats quickly. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the next one!

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