6 Pool Sports for a Toned Body

6 Pool Sports for a Toned Body


The start of the school year is going very fast,

Pool Sports For Toned Body
Pool Sports For Toned Body

and with it, a lot of good resolutions.

In number 1 to approach the return with serenity:

I make myself play sport!

For its anti-stress properties.

Our brain, during the effort, secretes endorphins, the hormone of happiness

with the analgesic virtues which attenuates the sensation of pain gives a sensation of pleasure and decreases stress and anxieties, just as when it is in the water…

Then to combine the healthy with the pleasant, if we do to the sports in swimming pool?

Pool sports: ideal for relaxing and having fun

Swimming is an ultra-complete sport, as everyone knows.

This activity solicits all the muscles of the body.

But, if a session of lengths at the Olympic pool provides a feeling of well-being, it will barb more than one.

Many pools and sports clubs, therefore, offer more entertaining water sports but also effective muscular. Follow the guide!


1. The aqua gym

Today a classic of its kind, the strong point of this activity is that it does not cause any danger for the joints since the impacts are limited with the water.

In addition, one feels particularly light.

The aquagym allows you to sculpt your body: all the muscles are in action.

Finally, the movements of the water exert massages to stimulate the circulation: bye bye cellulite!


2. Aqua cycling

Sometimes called aquabiking, this activity consists of pedaling underwater! It is a gentle activity since the body is immersed.

But that does not alter the efficiency, on the contrary.

The water exercises resistance, you cannot be half-hearted with this activity: up, down, sitting on the saddle or standing on your bike, the coach is there to motivate you during these sessions.

This is a hyperdynamic sport.


3. The aqua running

This is a fairly recent activity. The principle, is similar to aqua cycling, except that this time, the “aqua jogger” runs in the water, on a treadmill.

No more post-jogging knees, aqua running prevents impacts and combines the benefits of hydromassage with the endurance effort.

The lower body is tightened considerably and a lot of calories are spent.

Its cousin, aquatic training is also super efficient. The session consists of running in the water. And, if you want to spice it up, you can attach weights to your ankles and wrists.

Efficiency guaranteed.

Pool Sports for a Toned Body: [The benefits of pool sports]

All these aquatic sports have common virtues.

As they are practiced in the water, they allow in addition of soliciting efforts at the endurance level, to enjoy the benefits of hydromassage.

Thus, the movements of the water activities in a massaging effect on the body, toning and activating the circulation, which is ideal to eliminate the cellulite.

Also, these sports can be practiced very gently.

The joints are not or very little solicited. Because they limit impact, water sports can be practiced even if we tend to have painful joints, at any age and even if we have a few extra pounds.

In addition, these sports do not need you to swim.


4. Aquapunching or aqua boxing

The interest of this sport lies in its propensity to let off steam. After a warm-up, recommended for all sports activities, like aqua gym, you’re gone (e) to chain boxing movements, feet, and fists.

The perfect mixture between combat sport and aquatic sport, it is a very playful way to find tone and vitality.

The movements are really similar to boxing type kickboxing: for fists, you will be chained to direct hooks and uppercuts and at the level of the feet, you will chain “kicks”. This sport allows you to practice your endurance but also balance and flexibility.


5. Aqua-stretching

There is nothing as good as aqua-stretching when you need to gain flexibility and strengthen your back. During a session, you will combine a series of exercises involving the upper and lower body. You will be asked to stretch your shoulder blades, your back and you’re lumbar as much as you can. The bottom, thighs, calves, and ankles will be solicited.

The exercises can be practiced with accessories: pool foam to help find balance in the water, boards to work the abs, ball to work the thighs…


6. The aqua body

This activity will allow you to strengthen mainly lower body: belly, thighs, and buttocks are put to the test! The aqua body is a little aqua gym version, only more dynamic. Indeed, the exercises follow a frantic pace!

Many accessories are used to increase the difficulty: mini-boots, webbed gloves, dumbbells…

Good for the “cardio”, to refine the silhouette and rather fun, these water sports are something that deserves your attention.


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